TFA is one of the leading SEO experts in Milton Keynes and for very good reason. We guarantee solid, measurable SEO results from independent data sources, in as little as 3 months. No lengthy contracts, our results speak for themselves.

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Avoid the SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen

Finding a good and honest SEO company is far from easy. Choose wisely.

SEO used to involve a lot of trickery and most people are aware now, as you may be, that a lot of those tricks do not work any more. In many cases, 'unethical' activities such a keyword-stuffing and black-hat link building will even get your site penalised. There are a lot of snake-oil salesmen in the SEO industry because it remains difficult for many customers to understand so, to be blunt, they get away with it.

There is always a reason for a lengthy SEO contract tie-in, ask yourself why and know why you should avoid it.

Why we are one of the leading SEO agencies in Milton Keynes

Get yourself our FREE base report and see real results in as little as 3 months. No lengthy tie-ins necessary.

Virtually every company wants to "be on page one of Google". This comes up in conversation every single day when we speak with companies who are unhappy with their search engine (SERP) results. It is absolutely achievable, within reason, as no company ever ranks number one for all of their search phrases, all of the time.

Oustanding SEO is about researching what keywords are right for you, focus, benchmarking against those performing the best and continuous improvement. Any good SEO specialist should tell you this.

Ultimately, a successful SEO strategy takes knowledge, focus and decent manual work to achieve the best results. We do not take short cuts - there aren't any.

Our SEO services include:

  • SERP benchmarking against competitors
  • SEO Keyword research to identify low-hanging fruit and quick-gain opportunities
  • Refinement of back-end code for better SEO ranking
  • Refinement of existing front-end content and writing of new content
  • Local search and NAP stress-testing for better local SEO search results
  • Building of high-quality, high domain-authority backlinks
  • Expansion of social media presence and SEO-optimised content indexing
  • Creation and management of blogs
  • Integration of Google Analytics to track and improve SEO performance
  • Detailed monthly SEO reporting based on independent data

If you are serious about getting your business on page one, and staying there long-term, do it the right way and speak to TFA.


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