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Acco Brands is the parent company of some of the world's best loved office technology and equipment brands. Increasingly utilising video as a way of communicating and promoting their new products, TFA realised that more could be done to help Acco make the most of this medium. Why expect a site visitors to sit through a three minute product video when you can make it an interactive video experience?

With that thought in mind, TFA was proactive in pushing Acco's expectations to something that would deliver a better user experience. Our proposal was simply to combine a mix of video content, motion graphics and interactive UI so that each user could explore the products and their features, rather than be expected to sit and watch a standard product video from start to finish. Acco agreed this would be a far better solution and, with very minimal additional cost, agreed to proceed in this way.

The final content was delivered in a format that could run inline on the Acco website. The user can quickly browse the shredders in the range and, if he or she chooses, drill down into a simple yet effective feature explorer. Within a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, the user can see and explore all of the main product features and benefits in whichever order suits them, making for a more individual and tailored product experience.

The interactive video design was very well received at Acco and forms an integral part of their video marketing.  TFA is an experienced and proven web video production company and projects like this are a staple of what we do.  If you're looking to create a bespoke interactive video, give us a call!

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