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PTS is a market leader in IT consultation both in the UK and the world. They came to TFA in order to create a new corporate image design which encompassed their screensaver design, corporate desktop image and mug designs; all of which were to be created within a tight deadline.

TFA designed and created a series of images based on PTS' 'globe' for their screensaver design and desktop images which focussed on their offices in different regions of the world.  An over-riding secondary theme of five core values was also included, without making the overall design too cluttered.

Part of our design and concept process was to engage with PTS about how to reflect their brand values in simple logo format.  TFA's in-house design team created a whole set of different design ideas which were then presented to the client.  The chosen logo designs were then inserted into the artwork, and the result was both minimalistic and stylish.

This project was created and completed in a very short space of time and goes to show that even with tight schedules, TFA can create slick and professional design artwork for a multi-national company to a very high standard.

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