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Having successfully completed work on creating bespoke 3D design renders for their various flooring and roofing panels, Gilcrest got in touch with us again as they needed an experienced e-marketing consultancy to create a vibrant and eye-catching e-shot for an ongoing e-marketing campaign.

Gilcrest were looking to promote the Panel Projects division of their business and felt a snappy, well-design e-mail to a targeted e-mailing list would help drive their sales push and also increase brand awareness.  Our graphic designers took the approach of creating an informal design that would not overload the reader with information or data.  It is very important for any e-mail marketing campaign to not just make it into the recipients inbox, but also not be deleted before it's intended target even has a chance to read it!  So, our designers created a e-shot template that was bright, lively and would retain the readers attention long enough to communicate their primary message.

Once the e-shot template had been completed, our web development team also tested the e-mail against various spam filters so that the e-mail would reach the vast majority of Panel Project's client list.  Once tested, the e-shot design was submitted to Panel projects, who then used it as part of their e-marketing campaign.  They were extremely happy with the finished e-shot and managed to secure new enquiries on the back off it's delivery.

E-mail marketing is a fantastic and cost-effective marketing tool that is becoming a mainstay of just about any effective marketing campaign.  If this is something you would like to explore, come and talk to us – we'd love to hear from you!

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