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An effective corporate brochure design has to appeal to a very wide audience and as such, should essentially be a one-size-fits-all solution to communicating with both new and regular customers.

When Otis needed the help of a creative marketing agency to design a new corporate brochure for the UK market, they got in touch with us to see what we could do for them and how we could create a corporate brochure design that would give help them promote their business throughout the UK. We took the time to visit their UK headquarters in London and fleshed out a design brief that would allow our graphic designers to create a new brochure design that was both fresh and familiar.  Otis were keen to retain their brand identity; but also wanted a look and feel that was bang up to date and allowed readers to grasp what they were about and who they were with ease.

Our team of graphic designers paid close attention to Otis' brand guidelines to ensure we kept their brand identity prevalent.  We also looked at a number of competitors to see how we could offer something that little bit different that would set Otis apart and leave a good impression with potential clients.  As part of the brochure design, we also looked at designing an accompanying presentation pack which would give that extra-special something to clients.

Otis loved the new designs and the approach we took to their corporate brochure.  It has since been rolled out and is now part of their marketing collateral for the UK and further afield; something we are obviously very proud of!  The design of any marketing collateral is something that we are supremely experienced with and know what it takes to create a design that will appeal to clients both old and new.

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