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As an award-winning graphic design company and a leading brand agency in Buckinghamshire, and to make things a little easier for our clients, we produce a regular Marketer's Guide that give tips and helpful advice for producing all sorts of marketing material – all part of the service here at TFA!

Motion Graphics Vs. Video Graphics

Sometimes, a complex product or service needs to be explained by more than just static words and pictures. Many companies struggle to convey their messages effectively through literature and photography alone, and key selling points are often missed.

Ok, so film a video instead?

Filming a video can be costly when you factor into the equation planning, equipment, crew, editing and post-production. You may have to stop production or disrupt staff to allow the crew to film certain areas, and if you have chosen the cheapest company, you may be disappointed with the final result.

A quicker, far more cost effective and easy-to-update alternative, is motion graphics.

Motion graphics is essentially animation using photography, illustrations, 3d rendering, or a combination of all three. There are many benefits of using this, aside from the savings on time and cost.

- The animation can be completely stylised around the look and feel of your brand, making it totally unique to you and instantly recognisable


- Complex messages and processes can be communicated far easier using detailed animations, transitions and wording


- Depending on the complexity of the style, a motion graphic can be much faster to build and cost considerably less than a video, but still achieve a similar, if not better, end result


- It can be broken down into interactive sections enabling the user to explore, rather than just sit through a start-to-finish linear piece of video


- Longer-term, a motion graphic will create a set of graphic assets that can be used across other videos and communications, strengthening your brand overall



Global brand Skype came to TFA for a new instructional video to demonstrate how users could use their services and make calls via the Internet. We created an animated video that incorporated their brand colours and style in an informal video that users would easily understand. The design was also ideal for sharing across Skype's social media platforms.  With this in mind, our digital developers built the animation as an HTML 5 video, incorporating interactivity such as adding clickable areas and jump-to chapter location controls, allowing users to skip chapters or select different 'scenes'.

Skype were very pleased with the video and use it regularly to demonstrate their product at shows and via customer communications. 


Falanx Assuria specialise in Cyber Defence and they wanted an animation that could explain in simple terms, how their products and services can help businesses protect themselves from cyber-based attacks.

Our studio team created an animation that utilised slick, yet simple iconography to demonstrate how cyber security affects just about everyone and a voiceover that, using a script written by TFA, explained the more complex side of internet security in a professional and approachable manner.

Falanx Assuria have been thrilled by the end result and it now forms an integral part of their marketing material and consumer presentations.  It is also a video that Falanx have used as part of their social media marketing strategy; something that TFA Milton Keynes is very experienced and prolific with.

If you are looking for a video production agency with a proven track record in delivering effective and vibrant films, get in touch with us!



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