Our Marketer's Guide

As an award-winning graphic design company and a leading brand agency in Buckinghamshire, and to make things a little easier for our clients, we produce a regular Marketer's Guide that give tips and helpful advice for producing all sorts of marketing material – all part of the service here at TFA!

Creating the Perfect Brochure

There is nothing quite like holding and feeling a well designed and professionally printed brochure.

An engaging and informative brochure can be a game changer for your business by allowing your reader to fully, and comfortably, take in and digest your company’s proposition. If they are made to remember it in a compelling way then they are much more likely to take action now, or come back to you and do business later.

A successful brochure design, or any corporate literature for that matter, doesn’t just inform, it makes the reader connect, relate, and respond.

Here are TFA’s guidelines for creating a successful brochure:

Design & General Approach:

  • + Start with a strong front cover to position your brand as best of breed, for when it is put in front of other decision makers
  • + Take the reader on a clear and engaging journey, with a beginning, middle and an end, from introduction, through to what you do, why you are better than your competitors, and what someone should do next to enquire
  • + Create an overall ‘feel’ that, at a single glance, evokes all of the values of your brand proposition
  • + Do not fill all of the space, leave large spaces empty to make the content comfortable to engage with and to create an air of confidence
  • + Pick a limited colour palette and use it in a considered way


Imaging & Styling:

  • + Choose the highest-quality images you can afford that support your story and that complement each other – e.g. don’t show boxes sat on palettes in a warehouse, show speedy delivery people
  • + Stylise the images with photo-retouching treatments to make them specifically yours and to help create a distinctive style
  • + Use large, compelling images to break up the text
  • + Ensure images are properly adjusted in terms of sharpness, contract, brightness and colour casts so they all look pin-sharp, have depth and feel consistently high-quality
  • + Avoid generic, meaningless stock images at all costs or you may look like a generic business


Text & Copy:

  • + Keep it concise, punchy and to the point – avoid too much text
  • + Have a clear, consistent drill-down structure with good summarised titles, subtitles and lead-in copy
  • + Break text up with hierarchical style sheets – titles, subtitles, body copy, pull outs
  • + Summarise, in a few pull out lines or a short list of points, on each page the most important messages to allow the reader to skim-read
  • + Use no more than 2-3 fonts with complimentary styles and format text with them consistently


Go the extra mile

Our team of award winning graphic designers understand that the finishing touches can make your brochure stand out among the rest and really make all the difference. Print finishes such as inline varnish, lamination, embossing, specialist inks (e.g. fluoro, metallic), foils and using different types of stock can all add that extra finesse to the final product to leave a lasting impression on your reader.


So, what do your brochures say about you?

TFA is a team of marketer’s, designers and copywriters incredibly experienced at creating engaging and informative printed or digital documents that will resonate with your audience.



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