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As an award-winning graphic design company and a leading brand agency in Buckinghamshire, and to make things a little easier for our clients, we produce a regular Marketer's Guide that give tips and helpful advice for producing all sorts of marketing material – all part of the service here at TFA!

Getting Your Brand Right Inside Out


Many people think a brand is simply a logo, however this is merely one aspect of a much wider spectrum. Your brand is the very fabric of your business; the set of beliefs and values that permeate every element of how you deliver your proposition to your customers and the principles that guide how you operate day-to-day.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor



Your logo, or brand identity, is the symbolic embodiment of who you are. It should be original, memorable and represent the spirit of your brand promise, rather that the physical – for example, a simple apple design represents Apple’s approach to produce ‘genius’ technologies but with simple, clean, flowing design… as opposed to a picture of a computer.



This is the over-arching imagery, design style and key messages that feature across your communications. This should be distinctive to you, easily recognisable and the feel should further reflect the perceptions of your brand you want a customer or stakeholder to feel when they see or read them.



When B&H Worldwide was looking to grow its market share through a new brand message and image, TFA Helped them hammer home a feeling of critical capability and dependability. The brand identity and image was rolled out across a series of brochures, advertising, exhibition stands, a new website, corporate video, touch-screen presentation, vehicle liveries and metallic posters for their global offices. All of which was taken care of by TFA to ensure consistency and a unified outcome. |



All communication/activities should re-enforce and be true to your brand. You must deliver a consistent brand experience in every single piece of communication and through every single action you take. Leverage your brand’s reputation and keep your brand relevant and credible in light of any changes to your business or the industry. It can take years to build a brand and only a few moments of compromise or oversight to destroy it.

Consider This – Even a business card can help to pull all your branding together and ensure your identity is remembered. Often, it can be one of the first experiences someone has of your brand. If this is simply thrown together in 10 minutes, what does this say about you and your business? Take the time to get it right and do it properly.

Red Bull only associates its brand with people who push themselves to their absolute limit – skydiving from space for example – because, through subliminal association, it supports and reinforces their simple message … Red Bull gives you wings!

So what is your message – and what is it really saying about you?

As a leading and award-winning creative marketing agency in Milton Keynes, TFA can help you through the whole brand process: From research/audit and brand strategy, to a whole new brand image and guidelines for to ensure consistency across your organisation just as other brands do.



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The Marketer's Guide - April 2014