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Acco Brands, a world leader in office equipment and technology, asked TFA to produce two videos for their innovative new product "Kapture"; an innovative yet affordable digital whiteboard pen and pad system. Increasingly turning to video to promote its products and also effectively communicate their benefits to resellers and consumers, Acco needed a creative team that was much more than just a video production company.

At TFA, all video production starts as a series of written ideas. Unlike many video production companies who will simply leap into filming as much content as possible without giving serious thought to the strategic communication objectives, structure of the finished product, our in-house studio will carefully formulate and plan ideas first before proceeding into full filming. There is a big difference between an informative video and an effective video... and diving into filming content straight away is not the way to produce an effective product video!

After a process of concept development, scene-by-scene storyboarding and script writing, the team here at TFA assembled the best possible production team and filmed all of the content in a single day, to a precise plan. As editing and post-production stage, 3D motion graphics were added (to demonstrate the technology behind the product) and the VoiceOver.

The whole process, from start to finish, took just two weeks. The end result was a clear, informative and slick video that gets across quickly and succinctly why most businesses need and should want the Kapture product.


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