Westmill Foods | Jimmy's Sate New Year Promotion

Westmill Foods is one of the largest and most recognised food brands in Europe; specialising in Far Eastern and Indian foodstuffs, as well as African and Caribbean delicacies and recipes.

To promote the British and Chinese New Year, Westmill approached us to create a complete promotional campaign that included a number of different items; including press advertisements, countertop displays and the design & production of a large volume of scratch cards.   As the promotion was geared towards New Years, we decided to base the promotional campaign on the Chinese tradition of lucky red envelopes.  This design cue featured in virtually all the promotional material we produced and culminated in the design and production of 150,000 scratch cards that were then in turn distributed to Westmill's chosen UK suppliers.

Promotional campaigns are something that we revel in organising and creating.  Westmill had a very tight turnaround time in which to complete the project; with this in mind, we took control of all aspects of the marketing campaign to ensure it was completed on time and to an exceptional standard.  We also consulted directly with suppliers and managed all campaign components; something which Westmill appreciated and valued.

We are vastly experienced in all areas of campaign promotion.  If it’s your first time in organising a large-scale campaign, you can be sure that with TFA, you will have an agency that will take the initiative and be totally proactive when it comes to planning and managing any large-scale promotion.  You can rest assured that with TFA, your business is our priority.

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