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Hudson is an American global executive search and recruitment specialist with a large UK footprint. TFA were commissioned to produce a corporate video that Hudson could show to around 400 UK staff at its end-of-year company meeting, The Odeon in Leicester Square, London. The purpose of the video was, in part, to serve as something that would motivate staff to be the best they could be, but also that could be shared with clients and candidates to give them a better feel for the spirit of Hudson, as a partner.

As one of the leading video production companies in Buckinghamshire, TFA spent some time within the business to first develop a detailed understanding of the industry, Hudson’s brand and their proposition. Unlike any other corporate video production companies in Milton Keynes, we consulted with people from management, up to CEO level, and we spent time with people throughout the business in order to form a deep understanding of what it meant to be a part of Hudson.

Our aim was to capture the heart of the business and to remind Hudson people, at all levels, not only why they chose their profession but why they chose to become a part of Hudson. We wanted to create a video that was very untypical for corporate videos and that Hudson people would find “real”, something they could relate to and a strong, memorable, emotive piece of film.

As with any corporate video production we undertake, we began with the ideation, or concept, process that explored the notions of childhood – something we all have in common and the time in our lives when we are most shaped as the people we will grow to become. We saw parallels in the social relationships between children and the social relationships between adults. Children dare to dream and have the natural instinct to give their trust and their love without fear. We wanted to remind Hudson people of how that feels – for you, for your candidates, for all of us.

We chose a piece of music called 'As You Fall' that reflected the messages we wanted to portray within its lyrics. These were in turned tied into a series of storyboarded images that were then planned, filmed and edited together over the course of a week.

Ultimately, we wanted our film to resonate with everyone and to leave them with the message that Hudson people have the power to transform lives, for better or worse, depending on how much they care about their job and the person they are trying to help. When the film was shown to over 400 people at the Odeon in London, there were genuine tears from many people and a standing ovation at the end - something that we are extremely proud to boast about!

Our film showed that working in the wrong environment can feel every bit as lonely and upsetting as it does being a childhood, alone, without any friends to play with. The distillation of that message is that we all have a human duty to do for others the very best, as we would want them to do for us, and to improve their lives through the power we have to find them the perfect job.

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