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One of the more interesting projects of 2013 for TFA was creating a bespoke display for Harlow College that focused on their current status of the UK's #1 College. It also had to be a display unit that could, if required, be transported to different venues for roadshows or open events.

We decided the best way forward with the display design would be to create a bespoke installation that would use a perspective trick and encourage people to 'Take a look from a different perspective'; providing them with an optical illusion based on Harlow's current marketing campaign – also created by TFA.  Harlow College were keen to have a stand-out display that greeted visitors in the main foyer of their building, so our designers really had a challenge to design a display unit that would really capture the visitor's attention.

By breaking down the lettering from Harlow's current campaign, we were able to stagger the pieces to form complete letters when viewed from a certain distance.  We then designed a bespoke perspex box around the display to ensure it was both safe and sturdy should Harlow wish to move it at any point.  This also contained a neon-lit '#1' in the same style as Harlow's marketing campaign.  It's mobility was something that was also carefully considered and castors were added to the base to help it be moved as easily as possible.

Harlow have been extremely pleased with the completed installation which now takes pride of place in their entrance foyer.  When it comes to creating bespoke installations or 1-off displays, we always like to push the boundaries of what can be done and create items that can be truly special.

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