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Gray Dawes are market leaders in travel management services and approached TFA, as a Design Consultancy, to refresh their forthcoming advertising campaign and showcase their new online travel management system.

Graphic Design Processes

TFA are experts in advertising campaigns and spent a lot of time researching Gray Dawes and their business to come up with a series of advert designs, internet banners and print advertisements that would be both informative and visually striking.  TFA also spent time looking at where the advert designs would be placed and how surroundings and competitors may affect the campaign; something very important that must be considered when creating a large-scale advertising campaign.

Outcomes of Design

The final design concepts showcased, in a visually appealing and interesting way, how the Gray Dawes online system could save your business time and money.  Gray Dawes were also big fans of the designs and will now be looking to implement a new series of print advertisements and online marketing in late 2012 as a result.

Large-scale advertising campaigns are something which TFA are supremely experienced in and have a proven track record of creating successful, attention-grabbing print adverts and digital campaigns for a wide range of businesses in various industries.  As with any of TFA's projects, the devil is in the detail and with the Gray Dawes advertising campaign, it was the little design touches and attention to detail that set our advertising campaigns apart.


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