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Gaggenau are a premium home appliances brand that manufacturer and sell top-end cookers, kitchen appliances and accessories to a discerning customer base.

As part of their ongoing marketing strategy, Gaggenau send out a regular E-marketing newsletter informing customers of their latest offers and products.  When they needed a new HTML E-mail design creating, they came to us here at TFA as we were experienced with working with Gaggenau's parent company BSH and working to tight brand guidelines. 

Gaggenau were also keen to have the marketing e-mail design completed in a very short space of time, so getting it right-first-time was a priority for our graphic design team.

Working to set brand guidelines and paying close attention to the key selling messages within the HTML e-mail, the design was completed and approved within a matter of hours.  It was a simple job that just needed an expert touch to set it apart from the usual e-mail promotion and this was something that Gaggenau greatly appreciated; meaning that they could continue their e-mail marketing promotions without any delay.

This project is a good example of how you don't need a complicated, over-designed promotional e-mail to make an impact. Having a design that is clear, interesting and gets the readers attention are key to a successful e-mail marketing template, and it's something that our in-house studio and web developers do very, very well!

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