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Smartphone and tablet-based applications have become an important and, in some cases essential, part of modern living. Whether you are checking you bank balance or just looking for a quick and fun game to pass the time, smartphone and tablet-based apps have made a dramatic impact as to how we all live our lives.

To demonstrate our abilities as one of the leading IOS app developers in Milton Keynes, the team here at TFA have designed and created a new iPhone and iPad app-based energy monitoring system that can link remotely to client's data servers and allow users to see exactly what their building energy consumption was at any one time.  The application design and function works specifically on both iPhone and iPads and have the ability to ‘drill up & down’ into different dates and precise data outputs.

We took a great amount of time in researching the best ways to apply the functionality that would ensure both ease of use without losing any detail in the information being displayed as well as having a fluid and dynamic UI.   It was critical to us that data was displayed both accurately and in a way that was easy for the users to navigate, so this is an area that we took a lot of time in developing and refining.

iPhone and iPad App design and development can be something of a tricky medium to master, but when it comes to designing apps and developing smartphone-based technology, we are a leading iOS app designer and developer who like to cover all the bases by keeping everything in-house and closely managed to ensure exceptional quality.

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