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Take a look inside the average newsagents and you'll most likely see a dizzying array of magazines, newspapers and journals all vying for your attention and, most importantly, hard-earned cash! Making a magazine design stand out in a crowded marketplace - regardless of the subject - is a real challenge, but for the graphic designers here at TFA, this is a challenge they relish!

Econsultancy are based in the heart of London and offer independent e-commerce advice and training to clients both large and small.  They came to us as they needed a team of graphic designers that could create a bold and vibrant magazine design that would grab the viewers attention and would stand out amongst their competitors.  They also needed a magazine design that could communicate all their key information clearly to the reader, whilst keeping the design bold and visually interesting.  Our graphic designers undertook a wealth of research into the market Econsultancy were aiming for and created a series of magazine design concepts that would stand them apart from their competitors and offer the reader something fresh and innovative.

When the magazine designs were presented to Econsultancy, they immediately expressed their satisfaction at how we had managed to meet their brief but also communicate their brand in a way that was definitive and eye-catching.  When they had settled on a refined concept of their choosing, we then set about creating a full draft with supplied content so they would have a clear idea of how their publication would look when completed.  Econsultancy were again very happy with the designs we created and have plans to roll out their publication in the next year.

Our talented and experienced graphic designers know exactly what makes a good magazine design and through dedicated project management, are able to meet just about any design brief!  This type of project is bread and butter for us; so if you have a project that needs a proven and award winning creative marketing agency, get in touch with us today!

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