Earl's Performance Catalogue

Great catalogue design is a little bit of an artform. We recently designed a brand new catalogue for Earl's Performance and are currently busy transitioning this into an industry-leading e-commerce site that plugs directly into their stock management system.

You may have experienced first hand that catalogue design is not for the inexperienced designers, nor for the faint-hearted! It's a really specialised area of design and a great catalogue should be both easy to  use and a joy to look at.

The Earl's catalogue sits at the heart of their business and there was significant room for improvement. TFA shot a range of crisp new product photos and re-worked every layout, despite being heavy on content, to be clearer and much easier to use.

The response from customers has been so positive that TFA was further commissioned to develop a new e-commerce website that plugs straight into their stock management system, complete with Content Management System F-CAT for the client to update it quickly and easily.

From start to finish, we took care of the following: Design, Content Writing, Product Photography, E-Commerce Website Integration, Print-Ready Artwork and Printing and Interactive PDF and Flip-Book Versions.

Do you have a product catalogue in need of a big refresh, or any other creative requirements?

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