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Inspire A Life is a new and expanding business that specialise in life improvement and life coaching. When they wanted to create a new product called the Daily Life Tracker, they came to us in order for new product branding that would eventually lead to a complete marketing suite and associated marketing collateral.

Product Branding Processes

We examined the marketplace in which The Daily Life Tracker would be competing in order to create solid and instantly recognisable product branding.  By providing a number of different logo design concepts and conducting a series of refinements with the input of the client, we created a simple and effective product brand that would be rolled out in early 2013 and beyond.  With over a decades worth of experience as one of Milton Keynes's leading branding agencies, Inspire A Life were in safe hands with TFA!

Results Created by our Branding Agency

Inspire A Life has been extremely happy with the work TFA has produced so far and this is going to continue well into 2014 and beyond.  The early life of a business is crucial and ensuring that a strong brand identity is established is a cornerstone of any successful product or service.

We are also designing and building the online life management tool that will be rolled out in early 2014.  It will be an expansive and essential program that will allow it's users to manage and improve any aspect of their lives; we are confident that it will be one of the standout projects of 2014.

As one of Milton Keynes best and brightest branding agencies, with TFA, you can be guaranteed that we’ll do everything possible to give your product or business the right image that will set you apart from your competitors.


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