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Copart approached us to film, edit and produce a bold and slick 30-second video advertisement to promote their business at the Welsh National Rally in November 2013. They came to TFA as they needed the video devised, produced and completed in a very short amount of time.

When creating a video advertisement for such a large event, it is crucial that your identity and primary message are clear and easy to understand. We included a voice-over artist to reinstate key messages and calls to action whilst employing quick editing and graphics to keep viewers attention.  It was also essential that a comprehensive storyboard and a detailed shot list were created before any filming took place to ensure production could proceed quickly and efficiently.

Once the video filming had been completed to the agreed shot list, we then began to edit the video and also create graphics that would display key messages and complement the video’s theme.  The finished short film production was then supplied on a DVD and provided to both Copart and the rally organisers in 1080p high definition to ensure clarity on even the biggest screens.

The advert was completed in-house at TFA within 5-working days and everyone at Copart has been thrilled with the finished production.  It is also a perfect example of how a slick and polished short film doesn't have to cost the earth or take an age to produce!

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