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Located at their head offices in Northamptonshire, Pr1mo are one of the UK's fastest growing energy drink producers with close ties to motorsport. They needed a graphic design company near Northamptonshire to come up with a complete new corporate image, company branding, corporate logo and drinks can design that would stand out in an already crowded energy drinks market.

As a leading branding agency in Milton Keynes, TFA approached the project by conducting thorough brand research and embarking on detailed logo development to really nail down a totally new brand image and corporate identity.  Inspiration for the designs came from a number of sources; including Britpop culture and 70's British motorsport to create a series of brand designs which really set Pr1mo apart from their competitors.  We also paid careful attention to ensure that the chosen branding designs would look at home in upper-market bars and clubs, as well as the supermarket shelf.

Pr1mo were extremely happy with the designs we presented and felt that all the concepts really pushed their marketing strategy for the UK to the next level.  With this in mind, they are planning to roll out the revised company branding, corporate identity and can designs with a view to a new UK-wide advertising and promotional campaign.

The time taken to research and analyse the UK energy drinks market really paid off in this instance and the designs which TFA created have given Pr1mo a firm base on which to build a successful future.  As with any corporate branding exercise, and as one of Milton Keynes' leading award-winning graphic design companies, TFA will always pay close attention to detail and conduct exhaustive design research to ensure that any design concept that is produced hits the target first time.

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