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As one of the UK's most prominent travel management firms, Gray Dawes, from their base in Essex, has a very strong brand identity that is recognised in both the UK and Europe. However, to coincide with a new marketing campaign strategy for 2012, Gray Dawes approached TFA, as specialist branding consultants and one of the leading logo design companies in Milton Keynes, to refresh their brand identity and corporate logo.

Processes of the Logo and Brand Design 

The re-designing of Gray Dawes' corporate logo design was, in essence, a careful exercise in restraint.  As experienced branding consultants, we knew their brand identity was instantly recognisable to those in the travel management industry; as a result, it was not necessary to completely re-design the logo; simply refresh it and bring it up to date with complimentary colour schemes and design 'tweaks' that would retain its already established identity, but keep it fresh for years to come.

Outcomes of the Project

Our final corporate logo designs retained the overall design themes within Gray Dawes' current brand guidelines but gave them a more polished and refined brand identity that looked at home within their 2012 campaign strategy. As any good brand consultancy and logo design company will explain, sometimes the re-design or 're-imagining' of a brand identity does not mean a complete overhaul of an already established corporate identity.

Quite often, a strong brand identity just needs to be updated and refreshed occasionally to keep up with modern, contemporary design aesthetics. Big brands evolve as often as once every year and the change can be so subtle it goes unnoticed yet retains both the historic feel whilst also feeling modern.


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