Using Your Marketing Agency for Product Photography

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If you’re in the business of selling physical products online then you need great photographs to show them off to potential customers is an essential part of your marketing mix. Unless you’re a passionate amateur snapper yourself (or simply not bothered by how your products are presented), then chances are you’ll be hiring someone else to capture them in all their glory.

Depending on whether you need simple white background pack shots or full lifestyle images, costs can reach thousands of pounds. But there might be a more cost effective alternative right under your nose already, and if you have an existing marketing agency partner it will come with some additional benefits you probably haven’t considered before….

Here are five reasons why a company needing product photography might opt to use their marketing agency:

1. Holistic Marketing Approach:

Marketing agencies often have a broader understanding of a company’s marketing goals and strategies. By working with their agency, a company can ensure that the product photography aligns seamlessly with the overall marketing campaign. This holistic approach helps maintain consistency in branding, messaging, and visual identity.

2. Integrated Services:

Marketing agencies typically offer a range of services beyond photography, such as branding, graphic design, content creation, and digital marketing. By choosing their agency, a company can benefit from integrated services, ensuring that product photography is seamlessly integrated into various marketing materials and channels.

3. Cost-Efficiency:

In some cases, using a marketing agency for product photography can be cost-effective, especially if the company requires both photography and marketing services. Agencies may offer bundled packages or discounts for comprehensive marketing campaigns, making it more economical than hiring a specialist photographer and then coordinating additional marketing efforts separately.

4. Efficient Project Management:

Marketing agencies are experienced in project management and can handle the end-to-end process efficiently. They can oversee everything from conceptualization and photography to post-production editing and marketing distribution. This streamlines the workflow and reduces the burden on the company’s internal resources.

5. Consistency and Brand Alignment:

Marketing agencies are experts in maintaining brand consistency across all marketing materials. By using their agency for product photography, a company can ensure that the images produced align with their brand guidelines, messaging, and target audience, resulting in a cohesive and effective marketing campaign.

While marketing agencies can offer advantages in these areas, it’s essential for companies to evaluate their specific needs, budget, and the expertise required for their product photography project. In some cases, a specialised photographer with a deep focus on product photography may be the better choice, especially if the project demands highly specialised skills or if the company has a pre-existing relationship with a trusted photographer. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the specific goals and requirements of the company’s marketing strategy.