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As part of a complete re-branding and repositioning exercise for B&H Worldwide, the client was looking for a video production company that could develop a slick and succinct video.

The purpose of the video was to serve as an 'introduction to the B&H brand and business' on the company website and also to be used as an opening presentation to new prospective clients and partners.

A series of bespoke, still images had been created as part of the branding process. These features a sequential visual storytelling of a distressed yacht at sea, in swelling waves, being guided in to safety by distant, gleaming white lighthouse.

There was not sufficient budget to shoot the video for real, which would have been a very costly process! The challenge TFA had was to turn these images into approximately one minute of video, without it feeling like a very basic slideshow; we had to bring the images to life.

The result features was achieved through painstaking animation, or motion graphics, to manually turn a set of five images into a sixty-second piece of film, with voiceover.  B&H were ecstatic with the completed video production and the video, to this day, remains a favourite of the team here at TFA.

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