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As part of the major re-branding project TFA undertook for B&H Worldwide, a modular exhibition stand design was needed that included the new B&H corporate identity.

B&H regularly attend trade shows throughout Europe and they needed a modular exhibition stand design that would make the most of the space available to them within the pre-fabricated shell design constraints, but also promote their brand image and proposition clearly to visitors.  The graphic designers here at TFA tasked with creating the stand also had to give careful consideration to the ease of which the stand could be constructed and transported. 

It is often the case that exhibition stands have to be constructed and removed in very short timescales; so this was something that our in-house graphic design studio paid close attention to when creating their initial design concepts.

Designing something distinctly eye-catching and different within realms of a pre-designed shell can be something of a challenge; however, our in-house graphic design studio thrive on a challenge like this and created a number of different concepts that would all fit within the shell's specifications.

The fixtures and fittings for the stand – such as tables, chairs and storage – were also given special attention to ensure that the overall aesthetic was continued down to the smallest detail: Something that many other marketing agencies in Buckinghamshire often miss!

The completed stand design that the graphic design team created here at TFA was universally approved by B&H and has been a regular sight at logistical trade fairs throughout the UK and beyond. If your business needs an eye-catching, practical and well-planned exhibition stand, give us a call today!


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