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B&H Worldwide are based in Middlesex and were looking for experienced brand consultants in Milton Keynes to re-brand and reposition them in the global freight-forwarding market. Having reached a static point in their previously significant growth, B&H realised that the problem was not their business, but how their business was packaged. After several introductory meetings, TFA was appointed as the preferred branding company to overhaul their entire brand image.

The starting point for this process was one of fact-finding. TFA set out to understand explicitly B&H's business operation and the shape of the landscape occupied by them and their competitors. It became apparent quite quickly that there was little to differentiate between the companies within this market space and that, by and large, they were all saying similar things in the same way.

Our aim was to position B&H Worldwide as the industry experts with more confidence than any other in their ability to deliver excellence.

The first part of the process was to tell B&H's top level brand story. This was encapsulated in a series of still images (combining rich black and white photography with silver metallic ink), created bespoke, of a yacht struggling at sea and, over the course of the sequence, being guided in to safety by a gleaming white lighthouse. The yacht personified the customer's valuable consignment, the sea personified the unpredictable shipping landscape and the lighthouse B&H Worldwide's ability to guide the process safely and securely.

This set of images served as the foundation for all the marketing materials produced for the client and was underpinned by a comprehensive 40-page set of brand guidelines, with accompanying brand toolkit (fonts, images, document templates).

The client was so thrilled with our company's work they then commissioned a suite of new literature, website, exhibition stand, touchscreen presentation kiosk and a raft of other materials. These can be seen throughout their offices around the globe, in pride of place. B&H won a lucrative contract with Quantas shortly afterwards and, whilst we would not claim our work won it for them, well, it certainly helped...


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