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Aylesbury College is one of Buckinghamshire's most prominent centres of learning with a proven reputation for providing an excellent mix of vocational, practical and higher education courses for both school leavers and adult learners.

They came to TFA as they wanted to increase the number of potential new students attending their Open Days and ultimately, expand their student numbers for the new term.  TFA immediately set about looking into a show-stopping advertising campaign that would set Aylesbury college apart from other colleges in the area with the focus of the marketing campaign being on the individual, rather than Aylesbury itself.  TFA also provided copywriting services for the campaign that was incorporated into the print adverts for Aylesbury.

A variety of colourful, expertly-photographed print advertisements - backed up by an ingenious guerrilla viral campaign - were an instant hit with both the college and local students; so much so, that enquiries to Aylesbury College about their courses increased by a staggering 700% - a truly remarkable figure.

The promotional campaign that TFA devised was something that gained national coverage in both the press and educational circles.  Aylesbury College were also ecstatic with the success of the marketing campaign and the quick turnaround times from conception to delivery.  As a result, they approached TFA again to conduct their 2012 enrolment campaign and this is something that TFA is very happy to be a part of.

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