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Abbot Datastore have been operating in North London for over 20 years and they specialise in the safe and secure storage of all types of media; including computer tapes, films, documents and highly volatile cellulose nitrate films.

After visiting the TFA website and viewing some of our previous e-mail marketing projects, they enquired about the possibility of conducting a targeted postal and e-mail campaign of their own.  This was something they had never done before and as a result, needed the assistance of an experienced e-marketing agency to guide them through the process and also help target their core audiences.

Firstly, we looked at procuring a cleaned and accurate data list that would contain the postal and e-mail contacts that may be interested in the services Abbot had to offer.  Once we had a good idea of numbers that could be targeted, our in-house graphic design studio created a mailer design and HTML E-mail that would promote Abbot and their business and also focus on a number of key messages that would get the attention of readers.

As part of the project, we also edited Abbot's main website with new SEO key-worded content that would help drive up their Google page rankings.  Inserting commonly-searched words or sentences into the main body of text within the website helps search engines to identify websites and put them nearer the top of their search results; this means more visitors and more exposure.  The e-mail marketing campaign and postal campaign were conducted simultaneously and Abbot has been extremely happy with both the standard of work and level of service from the team here at TFA.

Postal and e-mail marketing campaigns can be a highly cost-effective and successful method of marketing your business.  We are able to obtain cleansed, accurate data lists for just about every sector in the UK; add to this a strong and attention-grabbing mailer or e-mail design and you could be opening up a whole new audience to your business!


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