Guerlain | Shalimar Christmas Window Display Installation

Guerlain is one the world's oldest and most recognised perfumiers and luxury goods manufacturers. They were looking for a skilled team of retail display designers and TFA was approached, with just a two week time window, to design a Christmas window display concept for department stores and install a mock version in their own London meeting room.

As part of their Christmas promotions, Guerlain invites leading retail purchasing managers to their head office for a presentation on their Christmas merchandising opportunities. In order to make as much impact as possible, TFA was asked if it were possible to not only create a beautiful window retail display design but also to install a mock version of it, inside their meeting room, within just two weeks. TFA spent a day conducting a feasibility study and decided it was possible, although an incredibly difficult challenge to meet.

With the window display design completed and approved by Guerlain in under a week, TFA then worked in partnership with a leading set-building company to create a striking mock-up of Guerlain's original Parisian store, resplendant with a 2m deep 3D mockup of a snowy landscape, complete with twinkling stars a, glowing snowy midnight landscape and silver, sparkling fairies adorning floating cut-outs of the hero product.

Guerlain was overwhelmed with what TFA achieved, particularly in the time frame and given a very restrictive budget. The envelope could not have been pushed further and the retail visitors were simply blown-away by the impact of the meeting room installation.

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