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Allan Aqua manufacture water pump systems that are typically used to supply high-rise residential developments that have a problem, certainly on floors higher up, with water pressure. As part of the development of a new product brochure, Allan Aqua required a CGI and 3D modelling company that had to the capability to produce accurate, representative illustrations demonstrating how the system worked.

When photography is not available and traditional illustration techniques are either not suitable, or are cost-prohibitive, 3D modelling and rendering is an excellent alternative. Few agencies have this skill in-house, unlike TFA, and there are a diverse range of applications where it can help considerably to communicate product technology and process flow. Essentially, a virtual model is created (just like building a real model) and a series of renders, or stills, are produced rather like a virtual photo-shoot.

The end result can be photo-realistic or stylised in an infinite number of ways. Furthermore, once the model has been created it is a permanent asset. That means that any number of angles, close-ups and cut-throughs can be produced quickly and efficiently from the one model. Modifications can also be made in much less time and renders are always completely dimension-accurate. Models can also be used to render animation sequences for product videos or interactive applications.

For technology companies, 3D renders should be something of a staple and are very under-utilised.  If 3D design and renders is something that could benefit your latest design project, get in touch with us here and we'll be happy to help.

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