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Located in the heart of Central London, Pearson are a leading supplier of books for the education and business sectors.

In the capacity of website design consultants, they approached us to look at the possibility re-skinning their current website to reflect a more mordern and dynamic design.  Pearson were generally very happy with the general functionality of their website, but felt their current website design was lacking in any design flair or intuitiveness that is commonplace amongst online retailers. 

This is a project that our experienced website designers looked at very carefully and before any work was started, a clearly defined design brief was agreed with Pearson so that they were clear as to what we were looking to achieve and, most importantly, what they expected to receive at the end of the project.

Our in-house studio created new website design concepts that could be integrated easily into Pearson's already-established website structure without any time-consuming modifications.  Paying close attention to Pearson's branding and corporate image, the new skins reflected an evolution of Pearson's brand that was easy to use and navigate.  We also included areas for the e-commerce side of the site and displayed how menus and navigation would be achieved by the user – something Pearson greatly appreciated.

Pearson were very happy with the proposed website re-skins and plan to roll our their newly re-skinned website within the next year.  This is a project which the website development team here at TFA enjoyed as it allowed them to focus on improving an already successful website and refining it to become something very special indeed.  If you are looking to give your own website design a refresh, get in touch with us today!

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