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DragonLock are are a well-respected and globally renowned name within the oil and gas industry. Thanks to their continued expansion - especially in Asia and China - they required a new corporate website to be designed that showcased their products and services; as well as be easily adaptable for use with different langauages, such as Chinese.

TFA focussed on creating a corporate website design that made good use of space and also Flash animations to demonstrate - in clear and visually appealing ways - how DragonLock products worked.  The inclusion of Flash product animations meant that a potentially content-heavy website became a lot easier and enjoyable to use for even just the casual viewer and also set the website design apart from their competitors.  The use of space was a feature which TFA paid careful attention to as the website design would also have to be suitable for Chinese text and need to be adapted witout wholesale design changes.

The finished website design and Flash animations really moved DragonLock's marketing strategy up a notch.  Thanks to a combination of SEO Keyword-specific content (created by TFA) and clean, contemporary design that engaged the user, the site proved a hit with both DragonLock and visitors to the website.  The overall design aesthetic was also easily adaptable for other languages and this proved to be a real winner with DragonLock.

The DragonLock site is a great example of how potentially complex and content-heavy websites can be presented in a user-friendly and visually stimulating way.  Flash Website design and development is something which TFA prides itself on and aims to exceed expectations with every website development project.


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