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Boston are a bespoke data storage solution provider who have offices in St. Albans and around the world.

As a company dealing in top-end data servers and storage devices, it is only right that they should also have a website that reflects the premium nature of the service and products they offer.  This was the main reason why they approached us and our team of web developers here at TFA as their previous website had become tired and lacking a 'premium' touch needed to really impress their customers and visitors to the site.  Boston also wanted the site to remain clear and focussed; with large, high-resolution imagery to really show their products off and make the website design visually appealing.

Because Boston needed to include a lot of technical information to accompany their different products, our website designers paid careful attention to making content appear neat, clear and concise.  Our web designers also created a set of smart product icons which allowed users to view key product features at-a-glance without harming the overall aesthetic of the website design.

Boston were very impressed with the proposed website design and have since worked with us on a number of different projects since.  The website developers here at TFA have over a decades-worth of experience designing and building all kinds of websites; if you have an upcoming digital project that requires a dedicated and successful team of website designers, pick up the phone and give us a call!

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