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Pure are a company which TFA have worked with on numerous occasions and have enjoyed a good working relationship. Specialists in creating digital radios, they came to us in order to create their Station of the Month webpage design using set guidelines and in a very short turnaround time.

Pure wanted to be confident that TFA could deliver unique and stylish web designs with little input or hand-holding in a short space of time; with this in mind, TFA's Project Managent Team consulted directly with Pure and agreed detailed plans-of-action, along with deliverable timescales and regular updates.  As an award winning web developer in Milton Keynes, this project was something our web developers relished; producing concept work the Pure really liked from the very outset.

As a result of TFA's forward planning, what we delivered was a simple, clear and visually appealing site which could be easily updated at very short notice with new web content, web artwork and cross-browser HTML compatability. 

TFA's designers worked extremely hard to ensure that the site could be regularly updated with new artwork and content at a moments notice, and this was one element that Pure were extremely pleased with.  Web development and HTML cross-browser compatability is something which TFA specialise in and we can create web designs which are functional and appealing accross a wide range of browsers and operating systems.  If you're looking for a talented team of website designers in Milton Keynes, get in touch with us today!

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