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Grant Barnett are one of the UK's leading Umbrella designers and suppliers. Thanks to the glorious unpredictability of the British weather, their business has been undergoing consistent expansion and as a result of this, a new corporate website was required to promote both their business and new product ranges.

Grant Barnett approached TFA to create a new website design that made use of Flash animations and high-definition photography.  They wanted a website design that would be both artistic yet functional, with a derivative of the site that would be both iPad and iPhone compatible and not reliant on Flash but retain the overall design imagery.  As an experienced web design consultancy, this was a project our in-house web development team relished!

The web designers here at TFA took their time to design and create a truly stunning Flash-based website that featured clever water droplet animations interacting with the beautiful photography.  Our web developers also created a iPad & iPhone derivative of the site which retained the overall design of the site, but had iOS compatibility for mobile devices; something which was very important to Grant Barnett.

Our dedicated team of copywriters also spent time creating the content for the site and this was enhanced with SEO keywords to highlight the site on different search engines.  Grant Barnett were extremely pleased with the completed web design and later, approached TFA to create sites for their Olympic Umbrellas and Wellington Boot product lines.


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