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Making an impact in a shop retail environment should be a priority for anyone looking to successfully market a retail product. Ecowater are a brand leader in the design and supply of premium water filters; when they needed a point-of-sale display and shop floor display that would be both eye-catching and informative, they came to TFA.

Ecowater wanted a point-of-sale display unit that would grab customer’s attention in crowded DIY and trade environments.  Whilst they wanted the design of the FSDU stand to be eye-catching, they also wanted to ensure it was easy to erect, rugged and had the capability to store marketing materials for their Sales Representatives.  With this brief in mind, we set about designing point-of-sale stand design concepts and researching the environments where the point-of-sale stand would mainly be used.

The retail display concepts we created fitted Ecowater’s brief perfectly and following some fine-tuning and research into their construction, a production run of 250 was completed and delivered to Ecowater in a very short space of time. 

Ecowater were very happy with the POS Stand and also how quickly the job was turned around in.  The point of sale display that TFA created and supplied are now a primary feature in many plumbing and trade centres around the UK and have helped Ecowater with the promotion of both their new range of water filets and the services they offer to tradesmen.

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