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Morgans are a well-respected property rentals company in the heart of Milton Keynes. They approached us in order to re-develop their aged website and provide technical expertise with hosting the site with their current providers.

We took our time to develop a new and improved website design which featured a simple layout and was also cross-browser compatible. SEO was greatly improved, organically, and Morgans were soon ranking on page one, and at the top of the page for a number of main keyword searches.

The new site was developed in tandem with a new brand identity, corporate image and newspaper advertising.

The entire project - from initial concept to final HTML build - was completed in a very short space of time and to a precise deadline.  TFA also assisted Morgans and their IT hosting provider to get the site functioning correctly and helping with technical queries quickly and efficiently.

The Morgans website is a prime example of what can be acheived by TFA on a tight deadline and a modest budget.  We take care in the design and conception of all our projects; be them large or small, and the Morgans web development is a project which we both enjoyed and excelled in.


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