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Based in Shropshire, Wrekin College approached TFA, as a web developer, for assistance with the re-imagining of their main college website design. This included all aspects of it's functionality and tie-ins to social media networks to enable students to utilise the website to it's fullest potential.

We took our time in creating a clear and refined college website design which featured web-based tools such as online diary management, social network compatability and unique flash animations which took the form of a college yearbook.

As part of the project, we also created a number of web page banner designs for on-line advertising and college prospectus designs that tied-in with our over-arching theme. Our experience as a social media agency also meant we could include proposals for interaction with web-based social applications; such as Facebook and Twitter.

Although this was a design consultancy exercise, we wanted to cover as many of the bases as possible and offer a complete design solution which would give Wrekin the best vision of how their web-based and digital marketing strategies could be acheived.  This is a project we took pleasure in completing and it highlights the lengths we go to, as a marketing agency, to give our clients the complete design package.

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