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As experienced business consultants, Business Advantage were looking for a an experienced e-marketing agency in Buckinghamshire that could help them to make their e-mail marketing campaign activities much more effective.

TFA rapidly understood the client's operation and business objectives and used that knowledge to underpin some hard-hitting, sales-driven copy and a clear, enticing design to reinforce the message.

For e-mail marketing to be effective it has to conform to a fairly strict, yet effective, set of rules governing the layout and how content is produced, presented and technically structured. We are all familiar with how easily promotional e-mails can end up in the junk box and there are procedures that must be followed to get around spam protection.

With the major challenge of getting the email in front of the recipient overcome, the content then has to be intelligently crafted to ensure the message is quickly understood, the recipient can identify a need or advantage and that they do something; usually clicking a link to visit the main website or reply by email.

The Business Advantage e-shot overcame all of these challenges to ensure that their message was well received by the broadcast audience and resulted in a solid, positive response rate. This is a fantastic example of a simple, but effective e-mail campaign that really worked for the client.

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