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Based in Bristol, Gilcrest are a specialist manufacturer of acoustic wall and floor panels. They needed a creative agency to produce bespoke 3D design renders and illustrations of detailed product cutaways of their various flooring and wall panels which would then form an important part of their marketing collateral.

Using Gilcrest's technical diagrams and specifications as a point of reference, our in-house 3D designers created a series of different 3D models that would form the basis of the design renders.  Once the models were produced, design renders were then created which detailed the range of Gilcrest products available, their construction and how they can be installed for various different environments.  By creating virtual products and environments, Gilcrest did not need to spend a huge amount of money on costly photography sessions or sacrificing valuable products for cutaways.  Also, a benefit of using a virtual environment meant that our 3D designers could edit and enhance areas whenever required, which was something that Gilcrest found very appealing in order to keep costs down.

As one of the most experienced graphic design consultancies in Milton Keynes, this project was something that our in-house designers turned around in a very short space of time, and, most importantly, to the Gilcrest's complete satisfaction.  The team here at TFA went the extra mile to visit their base in Bristol and create a clear and concise design brief that Gilcrest found extremely helpful when it came to defining the goals and objectives of the project. 

With any design job, large or small, we always make the effort to work closely with our clients to establish goals and parameters that can lead to the successful completion of a project.  If you have an upcoming project that could benefit from the use of bespoke 3D design renders or 3D illustrations, we have the personnel and experience needed to turn around any job in good time and for a competitive price.  Interested? Then get in touch – we'd love to hear from you!

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