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Thanks to a track record of successful and award-winning social media campaigns, we are now a leading social media agency, in Milton Keynes.  We can help you to connect with your audience through all the mainstream social media sites. Whether simply creating a company or product page and leaving you to it, or managing it as part of a fully-integrated online social media strategy, TFA, as a social media consultancy, can bring you and your online audience together.

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Many companies get far too wrapped up in social media channels and overlook the key reason they are there. Social media is designed, primarily, to enable your audience to speak to you just as it is there to enable people to speak to one another. It's a listening device much more than it is a talking device.

TFA is an experienced and proven social media strategy agency in Milton Keynes that can help you to create and manage a social media presence that engages with your audience(s), captures their thoughts and feelings and makes sure you get to hear them. Yes, when you have a captive audience you can also market to them but, primarily, social media is for capturing your audience, learning about them and listening to what they have to say. 

Our social media services include:

  • Blog Site Creation & Management
  • Facebook Advertising & Campaigns
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Forum Site Creation & Management
  • Google+
  • Mobile Social App Feeds
  • MySpace Account Management
  • RSS Feeds
  • Twitter Management
  • YouTube Content Channels

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