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Sthree are a leading name in the world of recruitment who have offices all over the world; including in the heart of Central London.

They approached TFA Marketing as they wanted to explore a new website design and brand image to accompany it.  Their current website design, whilst functional, was beginning to show its age and SThree were acutely aware that they needed to explore the possibility of a complete re-development of the site and also its hosting.  They were also keen to use an experienced website designers & developer close to London; so being in Milton Keynes, the team here at TFA were perfectly positioned to assist with this large-scale project.

To a set brief, our web designers proposed a complete overhaul of the website with clear, easy to use features and a fresh contemporary design that would include HTML-5 compatibility to ensure it would be effective across any device or browser.  Our website developers also proposed using SEO key-worded content to help with Google page rankings and make the website easier to find through natural searches.

Sthree were very happy with the proposals given to them and hope to move forward with the project later in the year.

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