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As one of the Gas and Oil industry's most prominent businesses, Smith Flow Control approached TFA to design and create a new corporate website design to promote both their business and international partners. This was an extremely important project for Smith Flow Control and placed a tremendous amount of faith in TFA's ability to deliver something special.

Through combining SFC's branding elements with smooth, well-designed Flash animations, TFA created a website that truly delivered both informative factual content with interesting and attention-grabbing visuals that clearly explained how complex pieces of machinery worked.

TFA's experience in creating unique web graphics, flash animations and corporate branding came together to create a homepage which SFC were very proud of.  Thanks to the success of the website, SFC subsequently approached TFA to create a new corporate brochure based on the visuals of the corporate website design.  This is something which TFA also delivered in a comparativley short space of time, and to an exceptional standard.

When it comes to defining a company's corporate image and corporate identity, TFA are acutely aware of learning as much as possible about a business so that a unique identity can be created and built upon with over-arching branding.  The Smith Flow Control website is a perfect example of this and a project which we really are proud of.


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