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Rimmel London are a global brand and are recognised as one of the world's foremost creators of women's makeup. When they needed a creative agency to design and render a proposed new product display stand, they came to us here at TFA.

This particular project was a welcome challenge for our graphic designers as it allowed them to showcase their skills in concept artwork and 3D product rendering.  Starting with loose concept sketches and conducting thorough research into the product itself, our designers presented a series of concept sketches that detailed how potential point of sale stand designs would look in retail environments and also demonstrate their ease of accessibility and practicality.  A key point we also factored into our concepts were how any potential point of sale stand design would appear in what is a crowded and extremely competitive marketplace; a good point of sale display should grab shoppers attention straight away, so colours, artwork and presentation were given careful attention.

Once a concept had been agreed, our designers set about creating fully-realised 3D renders of the display stands.  This gave Rimmel an opportunity to view a photo-realistic version of the proposed designs and see for themselves how it would look in a retail environment, without having to manufacturer costly full mock ups.  The 3D renders were very well received by Rimmell, who were very pleased to sign off the project and have them used in a number of stores around the UK.

Using 3D renders to display design ideas is a fantastic way to explore designs and also save money from having to construct costly full-sized mock ups.  Here at TFA, with have a talented team of graphic designers and 3D graphic artists who can turn just about any design dream into a reality! If need the assistance of a design agency who can offer a complete point of sale design service, get in touch with us and we'll do whatever we can to help you.

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