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Ragus are one of the largest names in sugar production and refinement in the UK and Europe. In 2012, they approached us in the capacity of a web design consultancy and marketing consultancy, to assist them with the front-end development of their website and ask for our thoughts on its improvement.

We started by conducting market analysis and market research into their competitors before our graphic designers started work on creating a new and refreshed front-end web design.  Whilst Ragus' website was conveying information well, their visual style and the way they presented their business needed some refinement.  In our role as a marketing strategy company, we concentrated on presenting the business as visually as possible and giving visitors to the site an experience that would keep them interested as well as informed.

As a leading web developer in Milton Keynes, we presented the website designs to Ragus and also advised them on improvements that could be made to their current site if they decided to press ahead with a complete re-design.   Ragus were extremely impressed with our proposed website designs and plan to implement changes to their site, based on our assistance, within the next year.

If your business is looking for the assistance of an experienced and award-winning web developer, we will always go the extra mile to conduct thorough research and design development to ensure that whatever work we produce meets and exceeds your expectations.

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