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Westmill are the driving force behind some of the biggest names in cooking; including Lea & Perrins and HP Sauces. From their UK base in Middlesex, they oversee promotions of key brands to both foreign and domestic markets.

Because Westmill have large range of products and services specifically for Asian cooking, advertising their services successfully to potentially non-speaking (but UK-based) audiences can be tricky.  In order to address this, they needed experienced marketing consultants and approached us here at TFA to look at creating a series of simple yet attractive icons to designate the foodstuffs they offer for producing authentic asian dishes.  We had worked with Westmill on a number of successful projects in the past and because of this, Westmill were confident that our graphic designers would be able to meet their  design brief.

The trick to creating an effective icon design is keeping it simple.  Because they are essentially a visual language, it is important to remember that icons must be instantly recognisable in any language and, potentially, at only a moment's glance.  Our design and marketing consulatancy team paid careful attention to colour schemes and detailing so that when the icon designs were completed, they could be instantly recognised by anyone, from anywhere!

Westmill were extremely satisfied with the completed designs and now include these icon designs on their marketing collateral and exhibition display stands and banners at trade shows around the world.  Even though these icons were a comparatively small project, it's the finer detail that is important.  Just because a project is small doesn't mean it gets any less attention from our creative team.

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