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Milton Keynes College are one of the fastest-growing colleges in the UK and approached TFA to create a new microsite design that would both promote their 2013 Applications Driver Campaign, but also act as a gateway to their main website.

Our main inspiration for the Milton Keynes College advertising campaign and microsite website design was putting the 'focus' on students and developing them to their core strengths.  We also actively engaged with Milton Keynes College and agreed that the microsite design and advertising campaign should feature prominent imagery of recognisable landmarks from Milton Keynes.  Thanks to our expertise in HTML development and Flash development, we were also able to include a beautiful animation within the microsite design to really give a focus point for visitors to the microsite.

When the site was approved by Milton Keynes College, we also implemented a targeted Facebook advertising campaign that drove and encouraged people to visit the site.  The campaign is on-going throughout the summer of 2013 and numbers have been extremely encouraging; something that MK College have been very impressed with.

The design and build process for the campaign was completed in a timely manner; allowing Milton Keynes College to plan their summer events safe in the knowledge that they would have a strong advertising campaign to complement any activities they wanted to conduct.  Milton Keynes College have been very happy with the advertising campaign work completed by TFA thus far and we hope to continue to assist them with their marketing activities throughout 2013.

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