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Hawke International are a multi-national company with their UK headquarters in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. They needed the expertise of a web developer to advise them on how they could update their corporate website design and how their current site could be evolved.

In order to really understand the needs of Hawke, our dedicated marketing consultants travelled from TFA HQ in Milton Keynes to Hawke's offices to discuss exactly what they were looking to achieve.  From this meeting, we were able to create full design brief that would allow our experienced team of web designers and web developers to create a brand new website design that would be an evolution of Hawke's current website – not so much a revolution! As we are also a successful and experienced social media company in Milton Keynes, we were also able to offer advice on social media activities that would be advantageous to Hawke and it's on-line business presence.

We concentrated on making the website design as clean and clear as possible.  Because the current Hawke website design was very content-heavy, we focussed on presenting data and complex design diagrams in the most visually intuitive ways possible.  We also looked to make the site an evolution in design in order not to alienate regular visitors but also retain Hawke's overall brand identity.

Hawke have been extremely pleased with the evolution of their website design and are also looking to implement a new website design – with added social media interaction – in the coming year.  By keeping all our web development and graphic design capabilities in-house, We're able to offer the complete website development consultancy service – something that many creative agencies in Milton Keynes cannot do!  If you are looking to redevelop your website, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help in any way we can.

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