TFA is a leading graphic design agency based in Milton Keynes. We created an eye-catching e-mail campaign for our client, Traka - learn more about the project here.

Traka | E-Marketing Campaign Template

From their offices in Olney, Traka is a leading name in the production and supply of secure locker solutions for schools, businesses and the UK government.

We have built a good working relationship with Traka thanks to our work with various marketing collateral items; so when they looked to create a new e-mail marketing template, they approached us as they knew that as an experienced and creative graphic design agency, we would be up to the challenge of creating a template that would generate new enquiries for their business. 

Using a pre-defined design style (one that had been created by TFA), we created a simple and colourful e-mail template that would get the reader's attention even if only looked at very briefly.  The key to any successful e-mail marketing campaign is to avoid the e-mail being deleted before the user has a chance to read it; so making it as visually interesting with a strong, punchy headline were key factors in the design.

Once the e-mail design had been agreed, we looked at creating punchy and to-the-point content that would get key messages about Traka across quickly and succinctly.  Other than getting the reader's attention, it is important not to overload them with content that the reader will more than likely not have time to read!  So, sentances were kept short, facts straight and key points emphasised with bold call to actions.

Traka were extremely happy with the finished e-shot and commented:

"We are really impressed with everything. TFA has grasped the brief and the concept of our products really well. There are not many occasions when we can’t find fault with editorial that tries to outline the process/benefits of Traka. The email says so much but in a concise way that doesn’t target any business sector specifically, which is exactly what we wanted."

Enough said, really!

Looking for a graphic design agency with the creativity to deliver a stunning e-mail campaign? Then give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you.

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