TFA is an Award-Winning Graphic Design Agency and Creative Marketing Agency in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We designed and supplied an eye-catching corporate brochure for our client, Traka. Learn more about it here.

Traka | Emergency Services Fleet & Equipment Management Brochure

Corporate brochures and corporate literature are a tried and trusted method of advertising your business. With such a wide variety of printing methods now available, creating an exceptional and eye-catching company brochure is a great way to entice new customers and keep existing clients interested and informed.

Traka is a leading manufacturer and supplier of key management systems both in the UK and the United States of America.  In order to promote their range of emergency services fleet and equipment management lockers, they needed a competent and experienced graphic design agency and approached TFA to create a corporate brochure that would promote key information in an effective and visually appealing way. 

Having worked with us on a number of smaller projects, Traka knew that we could work independently and formulate a design brief that would create design concepts that were right first time; thus speeding up the entire brochure design process.

We focussed on creating Vector line drawings that showed different emergency services vehicles and equipment in a special metallic silver.  Once placed against matte-black background, the images were both striking and unique – something which Traka were extremely pleased with.  When creating the brochure design, our graphic designers also paid strict attention to Traka’s preferred pantone colours; ensuring that the brochure – whilst new and different – would sit comfortably with Traka's existing marketing collateral.

The finished brochure design was printed using specialist spot-colours and metallic ink; along with a matte finish to certain areas that really highlighted certain colours and design touches.  Traka loved the new brochure and it has now formed a key part of their marketing collateral for 2013 and beyond.  Whilst digital media and social media now play an important part of brand advertising and marketing strategy, printed literature and corporate brochures can still be an effective and visually stimulating way to promote your business – something that as a proven graphic design agency, we are experts in providing.

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