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There are plenty of production companies that can deliver a fairly polished looking piece of video. However, their fees can be very excessive and, quite often, they need a little too much directing on what you want them to do.

In partnership with a small, London-based film crew, we produce corporate and product videos that really move the audience and get across a message they will remember.

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Our work as a Video Production Company

Creating a powerful video is not simply a matter of wandering around with some expensive camera kit and then editing together a montage of shots to tell a story. Quite surprisingly, this is how far too many corporate video production companies approach the task.

At TFA, we begin the same way we would if we were creating a TV commercial - with a big idea. Once we have an idea we think (and you think) can make a great piece of video, we storyboard, blocked and plan out precisely what will be shot, scene by scene.

This simple approach has enabled us, in a relatively short time-frame, to create some incredible pieces of video for our clients for very reasonable, real-world budgets. From short product or explanatory web videos to high-impact corporate films, we manage the whole process, from start to finish, and you will find us incredibly easy to work with.

For clients with a lot to communicate in their online video content, we also provide a combination of video and interactive. Why expect someone to sit through a four minute video about your product when they can click it, interact with it and watch a series of short video clips on demand that explain all of the key features and benefits; far more engaging.

Our services include:

  • Broadcast Video Production
  • Corporate Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interactive Video Content
  • Product Videos
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Blockeding
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Editing and Mastering
  • Video Production
  • Web Video Content
  • Website Videos

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